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Welcome to K9 BranD Cattle Co.  Longhorn life is the good life!  We purchased our 1st. longhorn cows spring of 2002.  After a few years of Longhorn education we know there is a lot more to learn.  That is the fun part, next to the great friends we are making. 
We are committed to breeding better Texas Longhorn cattle.  What we look at first in Texas Longhorn cows is their pedigree.  Pedigrees give some predictability to the qualities we want in our longhorn cows and their calves.  What we like in addition to fertility and milking ability, is conformation, horn, color and disposition.  These are the elements we are working for to breed better quality Texas Longhorn calves.  The way we accomplish this is thru A.I. and Embryo Transfer.  In 2007 we started our A.I. and Embryo program.  We will be utilizing longhorn semen from Bulls we believe will improve the genetics of our females. 

Take a look at our longhorn cows.  If you have Longhorn semen from a particular bull you believe will match up well with one of our Texas cows, or you have a special longhorn cow we might be interested in, please let us know.  We like to talk about Texas Longhorn Cattle!

K9 BranD Cattle Co. is located just NE of San Marcos, TX. between Maxwell and the San Marcos airport off of County Rd. 238.  Just Look for the Texas Longhorns on the North side of the road, that's us!

All Longhorn Cattle for sale at all times, if the animal does not have a price listed, make an offer!

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Texas Longhorn Cattle


Please call or email Longhorn questions to: dean@k9cow.com

K9 BRAND Cattle Co.
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