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Texas Longhorn bulls make great herd sires even for the commercial cattlemen.  They can be used on first calf heifers for easy calving.  When crossed with other cattle breeds they produce hybrid vigor with better forage utilization, disease resistance and longevity.

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Our program is built around utilizing the best Texas Longhorn genetics possible thru the use of Artificial Insemination.  Some of these Longhorn Herd Sire prospects may be used from time to time as cleanup sires for our Artificial Insemination program.  With these stacked pedigrees some of our Texas Longhorn bulls will make great herd sires for those not utilizing an A.I. program. 

This bull calf is our 1st. JP Rio Grande offspring.  Two out of the four Great Grandsire slots are taken up by Gunman.  His mothers pedigree is stacked with Evader on Superbowl on the Shadow.  He is nice dark brindle.  He is Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Rio Rouge (bull)

PH No.22
TLBAA No. BAI85332*
Born: 12-27-2011
Sire: JP Rio Grande (J.R. Grand Slam X TX. W Lucky Lady)
Dam: C9 Sizzle Rouge (PCC Evader X C9 Super Rouge)

Horn: (33.4375" TTT on 12-27-12) / (
Picture: 10-30-13.

Price: Sold.

TLBAA Pedigree


There are three 80+"ttt cows in this pedigree, and his Dam measured 74.875" TTT on her 5th. Birthday.  He may not have a lot of color, but as my grandfather use to say "It only matters what he will produce!"  Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Feisty King Rex (bull)

PH No.60
TLBAA No. BI85331*
Born: 08-30-2010
Sire: Feisty Lee JR. (Feisty Lee X Feisty Leigh)
Dam: Awesome Shadow Honey (Awesome Viagra X Shadow Honey)

  (57.625" TTT on 12-16-12.) / (66.125" TTT on 08-01-13.)

Picture: 01-28-14.

Price: Sold.

TLBAA Pedigree


This bull calf is a flush mate to the two Viagra cows on the Foundation Cow page.  This is the 1st. bull calf from this flush that is not primarily white.  With the consistency of these genetics we hope he will develop into an excellent herd sire for some ones program.  Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Awesome Chuck Norris (Bull)

PH No.80
TLBAA No. pending
Born: 10-09-2010
Sire: Awesome Viagra (Phenomenon X Starlight)
Dam: Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit O Honey) Bit O Honey is a Phenomenon granddaughter.

Picture: 06-11-11.

Price: SOLD



AI. bred PCC Evader calf.  A little over 9 months old and look at his black horn coming on.  He is big and correct with a flashy paint job.  He is gentle, but
still a little shy!

K9 Tres Evadus (Bull)

PH No.20
No. BAI81771*
Born: 02-05-10
Sire: PCC Evader (Gunman X J.R. Ella)
Dam: Tres A (LK Walking Tall X LK Spotty Molly) Bail Jumper great granddaughter.

Picture: 11-16-10


Price: Sold, Thanks Aaron Smith.

TLBAA Pedigree




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