Texas Longhorn Heifers

Longhorn Heifers

We are breeding our Texas Longhorn Heifers to have the complete package.  We are matching each longhorn heifer with a top genetic, marquee named Texas Longhorn Bull.  This not only produces a better, more complete offspring,  but increases marketability.

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I am very excited about this calf.  She is out of an Awesome cow.  She looks like she will brindle, only time will tell! She is Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Awesome Rio Rae

PH No.73
TLBAA No. Pending
Born: 08-14-2013
Sire: JP Rio Grande (J.R. Grand Slam X TX. W Lucky Lady)
Dam: Awesome Dr. Laura (Awesome Viagra X Shadow Honey)

Picture: 10-26-13.


TLBAA Pedigree


This heifer calf is out of Rio Pecos Texa.  She has a big correct body with brindle inside her spots.  She is Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Rio Pecos Shadow

PH No.53
TLBAA No. Pending
Born: 03-22-2013.
Sire: Rio Pecos Texa (JP Rio Grande X
Awesome Angel)
Dam: Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit O Honey)

Horn: (29.0" TTT on 04-27-14) /
Picture: 11-17-14.

Price: Sold.

TLBAA Pedigree



This calf is the 2nd. heifer in a row from this matting.  She is as pretty and gentle as they come.  She is tri-colored brindle strips on her nose and dark spots in her coat.  This calf is Millennium Futurity eligible.

K9 Shilly-Shally Shadow

PH No. 32
TLBAA No. C1282499*
Born: 02-03-2012
Sire: PCC Evader (Gunman X J.R. Ella)
Dam: Shadow Honey (The Shadow X LP Archie's Bit O Honey) Bit O Honey is a Phenomenon granddaughter.

Picture: 01-15-15.

Horn: (27.5" TTT on 02-03-13) / (39" TTT on 07-03-13) / (51.25" TTT on 02-03-14)
Service Sire:  Exposed to Rio Rouge on 07-01-14 to now.
Price:  Consigned to the Red McCombs Fiesta Sale.

TLBAA Pedigree



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Please email Longhorn questions to: dean@k9cow.com

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