Texas Longhorn bull semen

Longhorn Semen

Texas Longhorn bull semen is used to Artificially Inseminate cows of all breeds of cattle.  Prized for calving ease, use longhorn semen to breed first time heifers and enjoy some healthy lean beef.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank Jack, Dixie, and Mike Montgomery of the Bar Flying M Cattle Co. for their kindness and generosity.  With their help, we have made great progress with our AI and embryo transfer program.  We will be utilizing some of these Butler Texas Longhorn genetics along with some of the more modern longhorn sires like: Awesome Viagra, Emperor, PCC Evader, Shadowizm, Winchester, Gun Smoke, Totem Pole, Tejas Star, JP Rio Grande and others.  If you are interested in semen from any of the bulls listed below, please contact us for availability.  We also offer A.I. Services to those in the Registered Texas longhorn cattle industry.  Either at our longhorn facility or yours.  Artificial Insemination service information.  We also have Wagyu Semen for the Commercial Cattlemen to make F1 crosses that produce superior beef.  See bottom of page for more Wagyu semen information.

3S Hondo' Remarkable  AI# 190 - $ 65. - works very well on Monarch 103 daughters.

3S Spectacular  AI# 79 - Sold out (58 straws)- Thanks Alan Sparger & Red McCombs Ranches.

Bold Ruler  AI# 15 - $ 75. - increase horn base with these genetics.

Classic  AI# 16 - $ 20.

Hondo  AI# 17 - $ 20.

Measles Super Ranger  AI# 40 - $ 20. - His progeny do well in the show ring.  Also, if crossed right, don't be surprised if you have a 70+" cow in your pasture.  Thank you Hooker Longhorns for your purchase.

Monarch 103  AI# 47 - Sold out - Thank you Mike MacLeod for your purchase.

Mr. Dillon  AI# 9 - $ 25

Mr. Marlboro  AI# 3 - $ 25

Quinado Fandango  AI# 152 - $ 25.

Rural Delivery 20/0  AI# 74 - $ 15.

Shadowizm  AI# 646 - $100.

Texas Lin  AI# 101 - $ 20.

The following semen is owned by Lonnie Shan of 446 Ranch and is being sold at private treaty.  Please contact Lonnie at 512-269-9037.

3S Hondo's Remarkable  AI# 190 - 8 straws available, $5. per.
7HD Billy Bob  AI# 385 - 5 straws available, $10 per.
Bar B Q  AI# 571 - 10 straws available, $25 per.
Capt. McNellys Ranger  AI# 471 - 10 straws available, $10 per.
Cowcatcher  AI# 85 - 5 straws available, $25 per.
GF G-Man  AI# 424 - 0 straws available, $25 per. - Sold out.
JK Sterling 262  AI# 469 - 5 straws available, $25 per.
Just Cause  AI#        - 2 straws available, $10 per.
Sequel  AI# 488 - 5 straws available, $10 per.
WR 2936  AI# 81 - 4 straws available, $5 per.


The following semen is owned by Rocky Turner and is being sold at private treaty.  please contact Rocky at 210-414-3949.

Rocky has 50 straws of Measles Super Ranger  AI# 40, 20 straws of Monarch 103  AI# 47, and 30 straws of Bail Jumper AI# 238, (who is also known for producing show ring cattle).  He is asking $2,800 for the whole lot.  All offers will be considered.

Attention Commercial Cattlemen!

Wagyu Bull - Herd Sire

Improve the quality of your beef!
Use Wagyu genetics and you'll "Need no 'teef', to eat yur beef!"


Wagyu Semen is here!  JC Takazakura 8311 Semen:  $20 per straw Call Dean @ 512-848-2592 to learn more about this amazing breed of cattle.  Wagyu: The Breed That Made Kobe Beef Famous!

JC Takazakura 8311, born on 11/8/08, is the grandson of Takazakura.  He was bred to produce high marbling beef and large, heavier framed calves - 50% marbling/50% growth.  His bloodlines include Takazakura and Michifuku for marbling plus double TF Kikuhana and TF Hikohime 3/2 for growth.  He has tested “free” for all five recessive genetic traits that were recently identified in the Wagyu breed.  JC Takazakura 8311 is a full blood Wagyu, registered with the American Wagyu Association.  Semen is qualified for shipment in the United States and most countries in Central and South America.

At the 2010 Texas Bull Test, JC Takazakura 8311’s performance was outstanding!   In fact, he was considered the “Overall Best” bull.   The final performance results released on 3/5/10 were:Wagyu Herd Sire - Bull

#1 in final weight @1,066  lbs., 344 lbs.  heavier than average

#1 in Avg. Daily Gain @2.93 lbs., 1.05 lbs./day more than average

#1 in Scrotal @ 35.5”, 6.6” larger than average

#2 in Rib Eye Area @ 11.9”,  2.24” larger than average

#11 in IMF @6.28%, 11 out of 23 bulls tested


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Please email Longhorn questions to: dean@k9cow.com

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