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Your Source for Premier Pedigreed Texas Longhorn Cattle - cows, calves, heifers, herd sires and steers including semen from the top bulls in the industry.  We also have embryo packages that not only have stacked pedigrees, but that combine known bloodlines that cross well together.

We breed the easiest keeping, most fun livestock animals here!  Registered Texas Longhorn CattleOur cows are managed as a registered seed stock operation.  We spend a lot of time studying pedigrees and the results of crossing specific long-horn blood lines.  Our focus is on raising quality, not quantity.  We are a Texas Longhorn breeder that is a lifetime member of the TLBAA "Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America," and a member of the STLA "South Texas Longhorn Association".  We have many friends in all of these groups including the ITLA and the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry. 

These bovine are hardy, rugged creatures, recognized for their ability to thrive.  This is due in part to forage utilization, disease resistance, and their high fertility with easy calving, and longevity.  Texas longhorn cows are also the smartest bovine I have ever worked with.  I have seen them do many amazing things with their long-horns, like break off prickly pear cactus and rub it on the ground to knock off the thorns, so they can eat it.  We have many other amazing stories to share over a glass of ice tea, so come on out!

Being close to the University of Texas and Texas State University we have students from time to time come take longhorn cow pictures.  If you are not a student but like longhorns and/or taking photographs, all are welcome. 

Whether this is your first registered longhorn ranch adventure, or you are a seasoned vet.  we would like to talk, learn and help you in any way we can.  We want to help with your longhorn cattle investment.  Our experience includes all aspects of livestock production, from artificial insemination, embryo transfer, longhorn herd sire selection, cow/calf evaluation, to hormone free grass fed beef and Longhorn bull semen sales and everything in between.

Texas Longhorn Cattle also have a lot to offer the commercial cattlemen.  If you are a commercial cattleman please read through this website link to learn the benefits of crossing Longhorn Genetics with other bovine breeds.  The increased vigor, resistance to disease, and other superior qualities that are often manifested in hybrid cattle lead to great opportunities for Longhorn cattle to have a strong place in the commercial market.

As of December 2009 we no longer raise AKC registered Miniature Dachshunds.  We are still happy to answer any question you may have or point you in the direction of some other reputable breeders that may have that special pup you are looking for.  To see and learn more about our Dachshunds you may follow this link to www.acooldog.com

Have a Look at Our Quality TLBAA Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle.  Breeding for the complete Bovine.

Sizzle Rouge (PCC Evader x C9 Super Rouge)


C9 Sizzle Rouge measured 48" TTT on 08-16-08, picture 08-14-08.


Texas Longhorn CalvesOur 1st. embryo calf (heifer) from Awesome Viagra X Shadow Honey was born 06-16-08.

 These heifers are all grown up and can be seen on the Foundation Cow page of this web site.

Texas  Longhorn CalfOur 2nd. embryo calf (heifer) from Awesome Viagra X Shadow Honey was born 06-18-08.

Awesome Shadow Honey is just as gentle today, as she was in this video when she was six months old.  She now has over 60 inches of horn tip to tip at twenty nine months, so be careful!

Texas Longhorn Bovine Registry
The TLBAA is the most widely recognized registry, founded in 1964.

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Please call or email Longhorn questions to: Dean - 512-848-2592 or dean@k9cow.com

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